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I’m sorry it’s

behind a paywall. But really because of Lefty nastiness, there’s very little choice. This is NOT done out of greed or nastiness–this is done out of a survival drive.

But OK, the article is a good one. Trump is killing it in The Bronx. I very much doubt that Trump will win that state (though maybe…), but the repercussions of this are HUGE.

The Democrats can’t run from the trainwreck that is Joe Biden or the failures of their other politicians since 2021. The noise around the Trump trial was meant to distract from all of that. All of the false narratives intended to keep Biden propped up aren’t going over with a lot of the voters.

As my colleague Sarah Arnold wrote over at Townhall, the rally was a great success. At one point, Trump called it a “love fest.” I knew things were going well for Trump when I read the updates from “reporters” at The New York Times. Their pain was oozing through the words on the screen. There were precious few details, and lots of editorializing.

Lefties be like:

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Change Uh-Oh!

Yes, yes.

And THAT is what gives Lefty shills an upset tummy!

Yes, Democrats retained an overwhelming majority of black voters and a solid majority of Hispanics at the last presidential election, but the trend is undeniable, and perhaps even accelerating. The latest set of New York Times / Siena polls shows Trump and Biden tied among Hispanics and Trump claiming a striking 20 per cent of black voters. If replicated in November, the latter stat would represent the highest level of black support for any Republican presidential hopeful since the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

Lefties denying the clear reality is just whistling past the graveyard!


Yes, Joe.

But OF COURSE they are.

In a complete turnaround from their prior attitude, Joe Biden’s handlers are no longer touting survey results but are attacking them. The latest triggering occurred after The New York Times released a series of battleground polls showing Donald Trump leading by large margins in more than enough swing states to deliver a Republican victory in November. That included Nevada, a state Biden won in the contest four years prior. 

… In the end, they have no one to blame but themselves. No one forced Biden to be arguably the worst president in the nation’s history. He made the policy decisions he made, and now he’s reaping the consequences. Americans are ticked, and it doesn’t seem like, at least as of this moment, that they are very amused by shouts of “muh democracy” and January 6th.


Oh my!

This could be real problems…