Biden-induced misery Evil Clown

Well, yeah.


When you are an ignorant economic evil clown, this kind of stuff happens.

Current Events

I think we

need to understand what a HUGE deal this is.

85%? That is catastrophe territory!

President Joe Biden faces tough numbers, as nearly 85% of U.S. adults feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a new poll.

These are loser numbers, BIG time.

Captain Obvious

It’s true:

Democrats want the stinky dead albatross Joe Biden around their necks, anymore.

No one wants you around, Joe. Obama tried to warn you when he said you didn’t have to run. He knew you didn’t have what it takes to be president.¬†

Bad Faith

Oh yes, you

can just BET on it. Take it to the bank.



Current Events

Here are some

post-Dobbs numbers:

Actually, I think it is slight movement in the direction of Democrats. I understood that the gap was wider for the GOP before. More like +9 for Republicans. But perhaps I am wrong. Maybe that was a different poll and in this one Republicans were +4 and now they are +5.

In any case, those are crushing numbers for Democrats. Almost apocalyptic.

If Democrats thought backlash due to Dobbs was going to save them, they grossly miscalculated! Normal people have seen the parade of ghouls and freaks who have crawled out from under their rocks due to Dobbs, and naturally want nothing to do with such weirdos!

Current Events

Well, it’s

hardly a surprise

Look, “wokesters” are really not interested in going into the military. They are happy to mooch off those who do (you know, like the gun control scabs), but they are NOT gonna do it themselves!

So this hard Left turn of the military is pretty much guaranteed to reduce our war-fighting capabilities.

But, is that a bug or a feature for the foam-flecked Left?

Current Events Fighting Back

Kari Lake is

kicking major but!

Yeah, she goes ape-crap on RINO Brett Baier. Awesome! Total butt-kicking!

I very much like the cut of her jib…

It is time for Conservatives to push back and get a little pugnacious! Good for her!



it’s time!

Things are changing…

Don’t be too hidebound to change yourself.

Bad Faith

Oh, it turns out

that Joe’s denials were just crap. He was hip deep in Hunter’s shenanigans.