Anti-scientific stance Chumps

So then,

the mask is not just useless, but counter-productive.

Huh, go figure…

Chumps Voter Fraud

But Lefties

keep telling me that voter fraud doesn’t exist! Wait [checks notes], significant voter fraud doesn’t exist! My bad…


It’s important

to know who is actually harmless to you…



You don’t say! Yes, obedience is good. But they have turned it against you…

Just be aware–you have been had.

Chumps Civil Rights Disgusting!

Lefties lose their crap

over conservative Black people meeting!

You know, this is serious for them. Existential, even.

Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to Late-Roman/Mid-Weimar America, where you can’t be a black conservative without lefties literally losing their pants over it.

Such a tolerant bunch!

Here’s the video. Don’t worry, you won’t see any of the naughty bits. You will, however, hear one rather white-sounding fellow say, “Shut up, you fa**ots,” in yet another of Left’s displays of tolerance and understanding.


But I have

one question:

Is that the acrid smell of flop sweat in the air?

It would be a killer move. And very Trumpian.


If you

didn’t see this coming, you are a total ignoramus! I mean, you know literally nothing about economics.

Buffoons Chumps Current Events

See, the problem

is that this is not satire, it is straight reporting. Democrats just make it difficult because what they see as serious, the rest of us see as naturally-occurring ridiculousness. It’s just hard to parody them!

“Our system is being totally overwhelmed. We are literally dying,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “I’m beginning to think supporting illegal immigration — excuse me, undocumented people of migration — was a bad idea.”

… “I thought we were safe up here in Chicago because everyone knows immigrants can’t travel,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said. “I thought all the gun violence might help deter them, too, but apparently they find it appealing because it reminds them of home.”

… “I don’t understand why they even came here. No one likes Oakland,” said Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. “Being a sanctuary city was supposed to be an easy virtue signal, you know? All the glory, none of the work. But crime has never been higher!”


Photo of the

new COVID mask:

Captain Obvious Chumps

Sorry for the

bad words. But it’s pretty unavoidable, here. And we need to call things as they are. If YOU voted for Joe Biden, this is what YOU voted for. Just cowboy up and face reality, pal!

You can say, “Yeah, but Donald Trump is one, too!” Sure, but NO ONE ever pretended that he is not. But he is a competent one. In fact, that very thing is why many of us voted for him–and will again!

It was the prissy Biden rubes who said the Biden was not, and THAT is why they voted for him! Well, fools, guess what… You were SO fussy and delicate that you voted for… a total butt who whispered aspartame-laced fables in your eager ears–and you hit it hook, line, and sinker. You chumps!

You were the whore on the bed saying, “Lie to me, tell me I am the only one you’ve ever had feelings for–Tell me that you’ve loved me long time!

You know, kinda like this: