Captain Obvious Chumps

Sorry for the

bad words. But it’s pretty unavoidable, here. And we need to call things as they are. If YOU voted for Joe Biden, this is what YOU voted for. Just cowboy up and face reality, pal!

You can say, “Yeah, but Donald Trump is one, too!” Sure, but NO ONE ever pretended that he is not. But he is a competent one. In fact, that very thing is why many of us voted for him–and will again!

It was the prissy Biden rubes who said the Biden was not, and THAT is why they voted for him! Well, fools, guess what… You were SO fussy and delicate that you voted for… a total butt who whispered aspartame-laced fables in your eager ears–and you hit it hook, line, and sinker. You chumps!

You were the whore on the bed saying, “Lie to me, tell me I am the only one you’ve ever had feelings for–Tell me that you’ve loved me long time!

You know, kinda like this:

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