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Just make crap


Hey John, you are a glorified organ-grinder monkey, so know your place! So shut up and dance monkey, dance!

No one freakin’ cares what you “think.”

To me the most interesting thing about Mellencamp’s exchange with Maher was not his insane assertion that modern America remains a hellhole for Blacks; by now one has come to expect insane takes from racialists who fetishize invented oppression and marinate in it.

No, it was his admission after Maher called him out on the stupidity of what he was saying. Mellencamp admitted that he just pulled the number 1%-2% out of his [butt]. He simply made it up, and that is just fine with him.

… If one side refuses to talk, refuses to acknowledge progress, and is determined to not only win but humiliate the other side then the inevitable result is at best a constant state of anger, and at worst open warfare.

One of the most evil things was the Left convincing its people to not even engage with contrary viewpoints.

Captain Obvious Lame

Same ol’

same ol’.

Could these idiots please find a new excuse? This one was ALWAYS lame, but now it is also getting pretty old and stale. The “use by” date was freakin’ years ago!

Lame Losers

The very definition

of chutzpah!

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Don’t be a butt.

Of course it isn’t!

This is just hypocritical Lefty “Gotcha!” crap.

Unlike Davidson and the Post — whose suspensions were politically motivated — Rupar and company actually violated Twitter rules. These left-wing activists maliciously disclosed another person’s location, and were sanctioned for endangering people. There’s nothing wrong with that.

… And socking a bully in the mouth is called justice, not cruelty. Those who argue for the latter tacitly admit their own cowardice and refusal to use strength to enforce societal standards.

Lame Piss-poor judgment

Democrats have a plan

to get us out of the horrible mess they created.

And it is brilliant! They even got Joe Manchin drunk and stoned so he would agree to go along with it.

Through a marijuana haze, he said:

“So, you know how we spent trillions upon trillions of dollars and wound up screwing up the economy?” said Senator Manchin. “I’ve been brainstorming for twelve months, and I think I’ve got the solution. What if – wait for it – we spend even more money? And we clamp down on domestic energy production even harder?? Pretty brilliant, right?”


Sorry, Manchin got totally worked! You know he is NOT running again–that much is obvious. I wonder if he would even make it passed the primary (probably), but he would have NO chance in the final election!


Education Lame

Well, yeah!

Did anyone honestly expect anything else?

Understand well, keep whatever beliefs you want, but college is NOT about expanding your knowledge. It is NOT about challenging things and gaining analytical skills. Not anymore. It is about nodding at Lefty professors until you are beyond their grip.


A professor may say that he or she is open to contrary opinions, but don’t be fooled–it is absolutely not true. No, just mouth the words they want to hear until you are free of them. THEN do what is right…


Oh yeah,

I’ve noticed. And more’s the pity…