Evil Lame Moron

Just make crap


Hey John, you are a glorified organ-grinder monkey, so know your place! So shut up and dance monkey, dance!

No one freakin’ cares what you “think.”

To me the most interesting thing about Mellencamp’s exchange with Maher was not his insane assertion that modern America remains a hellhole for Blacks; by now one has come to expect insane takes from racialists who fetishize invented oppression and marinate in it.

No, it was his admission after Maher called him out on the stupidity of what he was saying. Mellencamp admitted that he just pulled the number 1%-2% out of his [butt]. He simply made it up, and that is just fine with him.

… If one side refuses to talk, refuses to acknowledge progress, and is determined to not only win but humiliate the other side then the inevitable result is at best a constant state of anger, and at worst open warfare.

One of the most evil things was the Left convincing its people to not even engage with contrary viewpoints.

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