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“No Labels”

has no clue.

Just what was the No Labels ticket going to stand for? Was there ever a single idea that No Labels stood for?

… I had no idea that Romney has a talent for droll satire. Oh wait—he actually means this! Just what would its “contribution” be, since No Labels doesn’t stand for anything in particular? Just who from No Labels would be formulating the No Labels position on what presidential policy should be? Have they asked their members? I don’t think they have any. No Labels is the political equivalent of a snipe hunt. Periodic scoldings from Romney is probably about all you’d get from it.



So you knew this

was coming down the pike. I’ve been telling you for some time.

You know, that’s how this ends, through lawsuits. Same with “Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.” When providers start getting sued, crappy treatment stops! Amazing how that is…

As Dr. Jason Rafferty, author of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ current policy statement on “gender-affirming care,” has put it, “the child’s sense of reality and feeling of who they are is the navigational beacon to sort of orient treatment around.” The AAP statement has been witheringly critiqued, and Rafferty and the AAP are now defendants in lawsuits by former patients. [emphasis added]

Dirtbag Evil Clown Fools

Really, it was

unbelievably bad optics.

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea: Biden at the epitome of “elite” society openly engaging in money-grubbing with empty celebrities while Trump honors a slain police officer.

It just doesn’t get much worse than this!

And it pretty much shows us who Biden really IS. Voters, take note…


We KNOW what

happened in 2009.

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. (hereinafter together “Pfizer”) have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products, the Justice Department announced today.

But we think it couldn’t have happened in 2019 and 2020? Huh?


Honestly, is there

any person more gullible than a hard Leftist? As long as it fits their pre-judged notions, they will believe freakin’ anything!


See, the problem

with almost all Leftists is that they have only been “worker bees” and never small business owners who only ate what they killed. And it is really quite clear in this case that the spittle-lipped fool of a judge could only see about 30 minutes into the future.

He is a total idiot. Not as in low-IQ but as in a total fool! Does he really think that other business owners are somehow not going to see the risk in doing business here? What a stupid move! NOT an executive move…

I mean, let’s say you have a hardcore Righty judge do this to a Lefty businessman. Hey, in the future, the whip may well be in the other hand!

Legal experts analyzed what they called “breathtaking” civil penalties against former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, former Trump Organization Comptroller Jeffrey McConney and ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg – warning other corporations based in the Empire State may realize they could suddenly be put out of business by the state on a political whim.

… “[Y]ou just say goodbye to New York, which fits a pattern that many successful people have been doing and leaving New York because New York is just too political, too blue and too punitive – you’re seeing that in the business community and among upper income New Yorkers already,” he said – adding the state’s crime wave accentuates the issue

That’s why it is FAR better to legally pursue justice than to seek revenge! And many Lefties have refused to learn that lesson. This truly is a catastrophically stupid move. Companies will continue to flee to Florida.

Dishonesty Fools

Do you even wonder

why Democrats are going all loony tunes over trying to prosecute Trump and get him off the ballot? SPOILER: Because they know he will whip them raw in a reasonably fair contest.

Their wack-a-doodle antics are absolute proof of that! THEY may well lie, but their behavior tells the truth… So ignore what they say–pay attention to what they do.


Hey Chris,

Don’t let the door hit you on the butt as you leave

It’s good to be rid of that idiot!

Fools Fraud Lefty Political Strategy

Holy crap, are

ALL Trump-hater wackos criminals?

I think it’s not all, but the fact that these guys are criminals is absolutely not a deal-breaker for the other wackos!

DUH! Dupe Fools

Mike Pence is truly a

blithering idiot. Sheesh, what a moron! Is this guy even smart enough to know if he is cold or hungry?

Well, if he takes Democrats at their word on this he is a damned fool!