Groomers Lawfare



The fight against gender cult grooming is raging across the country and in Massachusetts, two sets of parents have filed a lawsuit alleging violations of religious freedom, privacy, and parental rights against public school officials who attempted to drive a wedge between them and their children using extreme gender ideology.

Evil Groomers Immorality

Yeah, it’s pretty

dang obvious to normal people!

Honestly, what kind of blithering idiot thinks otherwise? It’s grooming, plain and simple.

I hate grooming! It is disgusting. How have Leftists fallen so far into the pit of immorality that they defend this? I guess once you start defending killing babies, child sex abuse is really not a hill too far…


OK, groomer!

Whatever you say

Evil Groomers Immorality


Plain and simple.

See, parents protect kids. Groomers get kids to keep secrets from parents so they can more easily sexually exploit them.

And these public school personnel truly are groomers. And this creeping insidiousness has been in process for a while, now. You know, boil the frog slowly and all that.

But the “gap” between good and evil really has greatly widened, as I have long predicted. And at this point you have to wonder if sending your kids to public schools is a form of child abuse.

No WONDER an explosion of homeschooling and other alternatives is happening!

As Isaiah said, the time is coming and indeed is about here when we ALL have to flee Babylon in order to preserve some internal morality. We can’t look longingly at the past, lest we be metaphorically turned into a pillar of salt.

So choose ye this day whom ye will serve, because if you are neither hot nor cold…

Evil Groomers Immorality

Yes, they are

groomers. Let’s just call it what it is and stop lying to ourselves and others! And honestly, there are just not two ways about it. And I am tired of the groomers. Aren’t you?

THE LEFT: We don’t want to sexualize little kids behind the backs of parents. Stop saying that. It’s a lie!

FLORIDA: We’re going to outlaw sexualizing little kids behind the backs of parents.


… Well, a whole lot of leftists want to have sex with your kids, and want to normalize sex between kids and adults. The evidence of that is everywhere. Democrats know opening the southern border will mean the import of child sex slaves. And yet, Democrats still open the border. Democrats continue to release child predators and suspected predators. We’re about to be saddled with a Supreme Court Justice who shrugs at child porn. More than one left-wing publication has asked us to better understand and sympathize with child molesters. The left embraced Jeffrey Epstein for decades. The left-wing Lincoln Project shielded a suspected predator.

The Left is the party of sexual predators. Can YOU morally countenance being part of that? Take a hard look at yourself…



yes they should.

Current Events Groomers

Yeah, the bill is NOT

unpopular. Even among Democrats. The wacko Lefty fringe have really gotten out over their skis this time!

I, for one, am just sick to death of the psychopathological and malignant groomers.

Groomers Immorality

Yeah, they freak out

because they ARE groomers! All the usual Lefty (and RINO) scabs are squawking, and that is a sign that we are on the right path! If I agree with them, it’s time to question my own morality…

Look, no normal person talks about sex to little kids who aren’t their children. We call that “grooming.” It just creepy! And wrong.

Oh, and:

This wigging out is all groomer fragility!