Evil Immorality


Plain and simple.

See, parents protect kids. Groomers get kids to keep secrets from parents so they can more easily sexually exploit them.

And these public school personnel truly are groomers. And this creeping insidiousness has been in process for a while, now. You know, boil the frog slowly and all that.

But the “gap” between good and evil really has greatly widened, as I have long predicted. And at this point you have to wonder if sending your kids to public schools is a form of child abuse.

No WONDER an explosion of homeschooling and other alternatives is happening!

As Isaiah said, the time is coming and indeed is about here when we ALL have to flee Babylon in order to preserve some internal morality. We can’t look longingly at the past, lest we be metaphorically turned into a pillar of salt.

So choose ye this day whom ye will serve, because if you are neither hot nor cold…

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