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Yes, people are

voting with their feet. But I’m not sure what that means. It’s true that in FL, the “movers” are, on the whole, MORE conservative than the residents!

I guess that after once drinking from the bitter cup of Leftism, they are not eager to again stain their lips…

But there is a real concern that these folks will behave as Lefty missionaries, when in fact they are refugees. And I think that does indeed happen, though I’m not at all sure that’s typical.

Still, some unusual movement IS happening. Is it a “Great Sort” where birds of a feather are flocking together, or is it diluting Conservatism and making the country as a whole more Lefty homogeneous?

Earlier this month, the Census Bureau released data on “net domestic migration.” This tracks where people are moving between counties in the country. Last year, the 10 counties that gained the most through net migration had one thing in common – they were conservative counties that voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

At the other end of the spectrum, all 10 counties that saw the biggest negative net migration also have one thing in common – they all voted for Biden in 2020. That includes two blue counties located in red states – Miami-Dade County, Florida, (where Biden beat Trump 53%-46%), and Dallas County, Texas, (where Biden got 65% of the vote).

… In other words, in just the three years after Biden won his election, more than 1% of the population had packed up and moved out of counties that voted for him. [emphasis added]

So just what does this all mean? Honestly, I don’t know. But I lean toward a “Great Sort” given what has happened in history and the FL data.

I mean, it’s pretty dang hard to move, and I strongly suspect that Conservatives are far more motivated to leave the Lefty squalor of their current environs than Leftists are to move and become “missionaries.”


There is some change

that residents really don’t want to happen!

Yes, west-coasters, welcome to Idaho. But remember you are a refugee, not a missionary…


Well, it has been

a MAJOR concern. And maybe “Leftugees” who are still mired in Lefty ideas are just more vocal than others. Regardless, one can perceive a bit of a shift to the Left in places like Idaho.

The data, which was reviewed by Fox News Digital, show that out of the roughly 20,000 Americans who moved from Washington state to Idaho, 62% registered as Republicans, compared to 12% as Democrats, 24% as unaffiliated and 2% as “other.” 

Even so, the data show it is not as bad as is often feared. Bad, yes. But not as bad as feared. For example, while the large majority of Leftugees who have been forced to drink out of the bitter cup of Leftism are not eager to again stain their lips, the 12% who remain Lefty dead-enders are quite vocal and materially damage the area.

The Seattle Times noted that real estate ads advise residents in states such as Washington to “escape liberal hell” and move to Idaho. 

… Out of the nearly 40,000 people who left California for Idaho, a whopping 75% registered as Republicans, the data reviewed by Fox News Digital show. Only 10% of the California pool registered as Democrats, 14% as unaffiliated and 2% as “other.”

And those numbers make sense to me. One has to be pretty motivated to quit one’s job, leave friends and familiar environs, sell the house, and move.


It is often a VERY

hard choice. One often doesn’t know what to do.

And the flight is scary for people who live in those places to which they are fleeing, also. Will the Leftugees soil their new digs by voting for the same kind of Lefty nimrods who ruined their previous state of residence?

Now the answer to THAT question seems to be a qualified “No.” Florida, for example, has had a massive influx of Leftugees. Yet these newcomers are, on average, even more conservative than the long-time residents. Just think of how serious and motivated YOU would have to be to quit your job and find a new one, fix up and sell your home, get new fiends, and (probably) a new church congregation, and move to a place where you don’t even know where the grocery store is. All in order to escape the ravages of Leftism. Only the hardest of the hardcore Conservatives would do that.

Hence, FL became decidedly MORE conservative when the Leftugees started coming!

Now I’m not saying it is all roses. Not all Leftugees are the same. Still, many, after been forced to drink from the bitter cup of stupidly Leftist state governance, are not eager to again stain their lips…


Funny how

people are voting with their feet, eh?

Now, Leftugees, don’t make your new home a stinking Hell-hole like your last one. Vote differently this time. Be wise!

Choosing Leftugees

It is arguable

that this migration IS “The Great Divorce.” I hope so–that is sure a lot better than civil war!

Is the country separating itself into two distinct camps? One increasingly leftist and the other trying desperately to cling to traditional American values? Census data seem to show that it very well could be underway.

… What we found was striking: There has been a vast migration out of counties that voted for Joe Biden into those counties that voted to reelect Donald Trump.

There is a real concern: There is a concern that “Leftugees,” many of whom crapped in their old nest by voting Lefty, will also crap in their new nest, stupidly voting in the same way that made their last place of residence a reeking Hell-hole.

Yes, a real worry. A clear and present danger. But moving is very hard, and mainly Right-thinking people are the ones who will put the effort in. And also, some people will finally realize that it was those Lefty policies that made everything so bad.

So I think that on the whole, Lefties want to remain in Lefty places while those on the right are more willing to put the time, effort, and pain into moving. Not always, but predominantly.

Look at Florida: there was massive migration in, and the state overall became more conservative! TX is also in no danger of “flipping,” despite a huge influx of Californians. Turns out, most are “Leftugees!”

But the trend is clear: Lefties are NOT moving to San Fransisco or to Portland or to some other Lefty Hell-hole. Are they wising up? Well, some are. And many of those are moving,


There are concerns

that sane areas will be overwhelmed by “Leftugees” who, having soiled their own nests, move on to ravage another place with stupid Leftard voting.

And this is indeed a valid concern.

BUT, the data we have don’t necessarily support that worry. When we look at Florida, for example, we see a HUGE increase in population coming from places like New York. And yet, the data show that these Leftugees are, on average, MORE conservative on the whole than native Floridians! Florida is no longer “purple,” it is red. Not as red as, say, Idaho, but it is red just the same.

Why on earth would that be?

Well, it is extraordinarily hard to move. And expensive. Sell the house, get a new job, load up the moving van, clean and repair the old house, maybe have kids leave friends and change schools, find a new house (buy or rent?)–even something so simple as getting utilities turned on in the new place and finding a kid to mow the lawn. ALL very hard. Trust me, I was in the military and I know very well what it’s like to move every three years…

And only the most motivated to move will do it. And who is most motivated to leave Lefty Hell-holes and move to more conservative areas? Conservatives.

So there is a natural “winnowing.” There is a natural separation of the people.

It’s not perfect, by any means. Are there Lefties who are “free riders” and scab off conservative areas? Sure (though most often long-time residents). There are always outliers. But the average Leftugee tilts heavily to the right.

See, once these Leftugees have drunk from the bitter cup of Leftism, they usually are not eager to once again stain their lips! MOST are not stupid.

Current Events Leftugees

Even Yoko?

I am just shocked!

It’s the end of the world as we know it…


We don’t really

need a formal national divorce. It is already happening.

It’s a natural and predictable process.

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One word:


Beyond dollars and cents, politics also appears to have a role in inter-state migration. The 15 bluest states, for instance, lost roughly 1% of their population from 2020 to 2022, according to the Cook Partisan Voter Index, while the 15 reddest states gained 1.1% at the same time. 

People flee crappy government. Can Lefties really be so dense as to not understand that? No, this is not mere ignorance, at least at the top, it is will.

And what we are seeing is the movement of the most conservative–they realize that the old Leftism stinks and they tend to be more conservative (on average) than the populations to which they flee. And that makes sense–it is hard to move and you have to be pretty motivated to do so. There are a zillion details to deal with, both great and small.

So Florida and Texas get more “red,” while California, New York, and Illinois get more “blue” (by default). And non-Portland Oregonians don’t flee, but accomplish the same thing by trying to change the state borders and create a “Greater Idaho.”

Tale as old as time–when the ruling class becomes intolerable, there is a very natural division of the people. One group flees–the two groups can no longer live together.

That’s why Federalism is so important–it allows people of different beliefs to nevertheless stay united, without force. And the Left has desperately tried to tear down Federalism, relying instead on force and coercion.