Current Events Leftugees

Look, I don’t blame

them one little bit for wanting to leave. Almost ANY non-moron would. Just who would want to be associated with Portland?

But would Idaho take these Leftugees? I mean, already much of the state residents want to get rid of the Left-leaning idiots in downtown Boise! So a BIG part of the deal is that Idaho doesn’t want to clasp a Lefty viper to its bosom.

OTOH, the CA and NY Leftugees moving to Texas and Florida have actually made those states MORE conservative. Turns out that moving is a HUGE pain, and for the most part only the most committed Conservatives are willing to do it!

Yes, there are some Lefties who have lost their jobs or who can’t make ends meet because of stupid Lefty policies and so they leave, but those “dead-ender” Lefties are actually a small minority of those who move. Googly-eyed Lefties usually want to move to places very much like the one they left (yes, stupidity seems to know no bounds as they stubbornly and unthinkingly recapitulate their folly).

“We think it makes sense to move the border to where the cultural divide [exists]. Oregon is a very polarized state—two very different cultures.”

But a merger arrangement faces SO many obstacles that the chance of it happening is low. But it’s NOT zero.

The truth is that eastern Oregon fits in very well with Idaho. Not the kooky Portland violent Lefty thugs, but eastern Oregon.

Current Events Leftugees

Well, who

can blame them? The Portland Lefty morons have turned that state into a total Hell-hole! So it’s no surprise that sane Oregonians want to live in Idaho (some have even already moved there).

Voters in nine Oregon counties have already supported ballot measures that express their counties’ desire to leave Oregon and join Idaho, and two more may follow this trend in November.

As noted by CBS News, a growing number of activists in the eastern part of Oregon are seeking a divorce from their state’s reliably Democratic largest city, Portland, which dominates the entire state’s political scene. These activists feel that the state’s coastal areas, which contain a majority of the state’s poulation, do not represent them or their values and that they would be more at home in conservative-leaning Idaho than they are in Oregon.

Will it happen? Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical. Still, I’m not at all sure it is possible to reform Portland–they are pretty far gone. And would Idaho even accept these Leftugees? I mean, Idaho would pretty much be skimming the “cream” while leaving the kooky Portland wackos.

But this is a movement that just won’t die, so wise Oregonians may indeed push it through.

And if it does happen, is New York next? California? Illinois? ALL these states have big-city “elites” who dominate less urban dwellers.

Stay tuned…

Freedom Leftugees

Not at all

surprising, now is it?

Funny how people move to where they are NOT treated like crap, eh? No wonder people are fleeing Lefty Hell-holes! Now, they need to remember what made the “Leftugees” in the first place!

Current Events Leftugees

I don’t like

it. It means that they will infect other states with the moron virus!

Hey Leftugees, you are welcome in Conservative states, but just remember that your utterly abysmal judgment turned where you came from into a reeking Hell-hole!

Please, don’t crap your new bed, too! Maybe you should just sit out a couple voting cycles while you figure out which way is up…


Yeah, well pretty

much everyone hates that Californians are fleeing to other places! Some of them seem bent on crapping in their new bed. But some have learned through sad experience…

I’m NOT saying that there aren’t some very decent folks among them. But the “Leftugees” are indeed a mixed bag.

… the outlet is warning “Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City” and “some locals want them to go home.”

Yep! remote workers drawn by cheap rents.