Well, it has been

a MAJOR concern. And maybe “Leftugees” who are still mired in Lefty ideas are just more vocal than others. Regardless, one can perceive a bit of a shift to the Left in places like Idaho.

The data, which was reviewed by Fox News Digital, show that out of the roughly 20,000 Americans who moved from Washington state to Idaho, 62% registered as Republicans, compared to 12% as Democrats, 24% as unaffiliated and 2% as “other.” 

Even so, the data show it is not as bad as is often feared. Bad, yes. But not as bad as feared. For example, while the large majority of Leftugees who have been forced to drink out of the bitter cup of Leftism are not eager to again stain their lips, the 12% who remain Lefty dead-enders are quite vocal and materially damage the area.

The Seattle Times noted that real estate ads advise residents in states such as Washington to “escape liberal hell” and move to Idaho. 

… Out of the nearly 40,000 people who left California for Idaho, a whopping 75% registered as Republicans, the data reviewed by Fox News Digital show. Only 10% of the California pool registered as Democrats, 14% as unaffiliated and 2% as “other.”

And those numbers make sense to me. One has to be pretty motivated to quit one’s job, leave friends and familiar environs, sell the house, and move.