Captain Obvious Fiscal insanity Foolishness

I also think

that the, “No more freakin’ money to Ukraine!” train can no longer be stopped.

It’s utter madness! So EVERY penny we give to Ukraine is debt to us! Every. Red. Cent. We are now short on common weapons–because we were stunningly stupid and gave them to Ukraine! So if you care about yourself, your kids, your grandkids, and your great-grandkids, stop this madness NOW!

How will YOU feel when you hear your grandkids say, “Grandpa saddled us with crushing debt! How could he do that to us?

Fiscal insanity


ladies and gentlemen, is what Democrats are all about! So, is this where YOU want to go? If not, you better vote these venomous, vicious jerks out NOW.

This is just NUTS!

I’d like to say that the authors of this bill are just crazy fools and morons, but I don’t think so. No, this appears to be deliberate malice. This is not the work of an idiot, this is the work of a traitor.

Just when you think that they can’t possibly sink any lower, they prove you wrong!