Deception Media Flying Monkeys Naïveté

You DO realize

that the MSM outlets are bought and paid for by China, right?

If you don’t understand the pressure they get to report things one way (and it’s the way they want to, anyway), you are a buck-toothed hayseed!

Fools Naïveté RINO chumps

“No Labels”

has no clue.

Just what was the No Labels ticket going to stand for? Was there ever a single idea that No Labels stood for?

… I had no idea that Romney has a talent for droll satire. Oh wait—he actually means this! Just what would its “contribution” be, since No Labels doesn’t stand for anything in particular? Just who from No Labels would be formulating the No Labels position on what presidential policy should be? Have they asked their members? I don’t think they have any. No Labels is the political equivalent of a snipe hunt. Periodic scoldings from Romney is probably about all you’d get from it.


Fighting Back Naïveté

THIS is how

you do it, GOP!

Then again, there are too many RINOs who in actuality bat for the other side–they are plants and double-agents. We need to fix that next election…

And there are too many so-called Republicans who are like Voltaire’s Candide, and can’t imagine that the other side has anything but the best of all possible intentions…

And they crump. They are at best an uncertain and unreliable ally.

Tuberville vowed not to back off his holds until President Joe Biden reverses his policy that the Department of Defense (DOD) would pay for certain expenses incurred by members of the military who must travel to a different state from where they are based to obtain abortions.