Lefty Political Philosophy

It’s important

to understand Leftism.

When we look at Leftism, there is this deeply weird combination of psychological fragility and coercive aggression. For example, “Use my preferred pronouns or I will cry.” Paired with, “And if you don’t I’ll cut your freakin’ head off!”

This is what we call “shy-sharp” in dogs. The dog is afraid and cowering, but when you put your hand out to comfort him, he bites you. A shy dog is a very dangerous dog!

And indeed, a “shy” Leftist is a dangerous Leftist. They seem reasonable and you think that you just need to “reach out” a little more with facts and logic. But no. They are fact-shy. And they WILL bite you.

Most Leftists are like an onion—the “paper” on top is all science and logic and happy talk about fairies and unicorns and “happy, happy, joy, joy.” But that layer is just the outside patina. As you move to the center things get different fast.

And any real debate about issues is a dive into the onion. IF they will debate you at all, that is. Most of the time they won’t, because they want to keep some “plausible deniability” about who they really are and what they really believe. They are hiding. And THAT is a tip-off!

The first couple layers of the Lefty onion are the “Sociopathy Zone.” This is exemplified by the famous Harry Reid justification when he responded to a question about his lie that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes said, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?

As you go deeper into the Lefty onion you eventually hit the frank Psychopathy core. This typified by the horrifically brutal Che Guevara and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot. Most Leftists are not on that extreme end of the spectrum, but let’s not be fools—it IS a spectrum. And one thing leads to another… 

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