Fools Lame

Well, that’s

no surprise. He is and always has been a rather foolish man. I don’t know why he ever tried to run in the first place. He was ALWAYS a huge loser who had no chance. He was delusional from the get-go.

What an idiot!

He did not immediately endorse any particular candidate upon dropping out, but did urge Republicans not to follow the “siren song of populism.”

You know, Mikey, that THAT’s why Trump is winning and you are out kicking road apples, right?

Devil: Now you will spend eternity in the hot lava! HA HA HA!
Mike Pence: That is actually not lava; It is underground, so it’s magma.
Devil: You DO realize that’s why you’re here, right?

Well, you will now have plenty time to go have a little coffee klatch with Bill Kristol… His number is 1-800-AYE-SUCK.

So what will he do now? To quote HIM, “That’s not my concern.”

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