Dementia Joe Piss-poor judgment

Yeah, he’s pretty

far gone now. It’s sad, but he is barely sentient anymore. Of course he is not the one calling the shots–and I am not sure who is. It probably depends on the subject.

It’s also very dangerous for both domestic and foreign policies. On the domestic front, US citizens are impacted greatly–the “misery index” is very high.

In terms of foreign policy, everyone knows that Joe is a weak cypher. And his advisors (who are actually running things) have abysmal judgment.

To paraphrase a Lefty hero, don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to screw things up!

And YOU voted for him? You fool! You owe us all a HUGE apology. And gas money (among other things)… If you voted for Biden, maybe, just maybe, you have such piss-poor judgment that you shouldn’t vote at all! It’s time for you to take a hard look at yourself.

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