Age-related decline

Well, those

overseas trips are pretty dang grueling! Joe worked most of an entire work week. So who can begrudge him a little vacation? But it just tiring to make all these screw-ups!

First, Biden got confused about where his office was and had a huge security breach while he was in Northern Ireland. Then he snapped at his son Hunter in a deli in Ireland and twisted the words of Pope John Paul II about the Catholic faith. He managed to insult the British by calling a rugby team the “Black and Tans.” He even ticked off the Irish president’s dog. He told a bunch of stories that couldn’t have happened in a speech to the Irish Parliament. He couldn’t even respond to a simple question from a child and had to have Hunter help him multiple times. Then he made up another story that he told the kids, which couldn’t possibly be true. Finally, his parting words were about how we’re all doomed by climate change, but we could “lick the world.”

Way to go, Biden voters. Waaaay to go…

He’s spent 40 percent of his time in office on vacation. That is a ridiculous waste of our tax dollars. He claims that he’s only been to the Rehoboth home “10 times” — I’m guessing he means since he’s been occupying the White House. But we’re also having to pay for a wall being built around the beach home that costs more than half a million dollars. Because walls work for his security; we’re just not allowed to have them for the security of our nation. [emphasis added]

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