Chumps Competence

Aren’t we tired

of this juvenile bull crap yet?

I sure am. Are YOU going to stand up to this tantruming idiot behavior?

These folks need a little consequence to their actions! Freakin’ LOONS! And those consequences should be very public.

BUT, there is a silver lining. These folks are wackos, and the difference between the loony Left and normal people is stark. Plus, now we see (again) what DeSantis is made of:

They tried to ding DeSantis but they ended up showing how he handles unexpected incidents. He’s the guy who remains calm in a crisis. He’s the one you want leading the country through a tough time. Thanks, ladies. They made the point that DeSantis supporters already know – he’s a natural leader. He looked as though he quickly assessed that the women were not trying to harm him, just interrupting his speech, and he continued accordingly.

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