Civil Disobedience Current Events

REAL Americans

have had it. For the last several years I have been warning Lefties not get the Right all riled up. But Leftists I know have ignored me. And THAT is a stupid move.

And then there has been this mass (and disingenuous) Lefty swoon over January 6. But it has ALL been utter nonsense,

If you still believe that 300,000 Americans, many of them well over 50 years old, showed up without guns to take over the United States, I’d like to sell you a unicorn that farts silver dollars.

But it goes far beyond that. And it is time to strike back. Civil Disobedience is indeed the answer…

Lefties, are you paying attention to what has been happening? How on earth are you still cloistered in your fetid Lefty fever swamps? You better wake up and eschew these recent dishonest ways!

Or be the next Dodo bird…

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