Election Integrity

Let’s be quite clear:

Democrats by and large DON’T want the voice of the people to prevail. They want power. And you KNOW that is true because of how they loudly (and in panic) squeal at any attempt to have fair and honest elections. DUH!

And THAT tells you something important: Their ideas simply cannot stand on their own merit. It is obvious to the dullest among us. And it is a bit comforting–normal people see how bad of an idea leftism is. And they just won’t eat that dog food.

Whether it’s banning foreign money in elections, [mail-in ballets], ensuring transparency in the elections process, or backing election audits, the story remains the same: Democrats actively oppose policies supported by voters that bring accountability and security to the U.S. elections system. Their screeds about being the party of “democracy” are a dishonest talking point designed to obfuscate their contradictory actions and smear their political opponents as extremists.

The truth is that most Leftists hate having people express their values and preferences. The proof is easily seen in their actions. People often lie; Actions rarely do…