Election Integrity

WOW! That

is pretty dang awesome!

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee announced plans to launch an “election integrity” program, intending to recruit 100,000 volunteers and attorneys who will work to preserve “the sanctity” of November’s election in a press release on Friday.

Did I mention how glad I am that Ronna is gone? What a turd she was!

Be still my beating heart:

The RNC intends to establish in every battleground state an “Election Integrity Hotline” within each State Republican War Room. These lawyers will be responsible for fielding “all incoming questions and issues” reported by poll watchers and voters. They will also guide poll watchers through “the appropriate election code and provide clarity on how issues should be answered, resolved, or escalated.” Training for volunteers and lawyers for voting site and tabulation center monitoring will occur every month. The GOP said it planned to work with “passionate grassroots coalitions who are deeply invested in fighting voter fraud.”

“The Democrat tricks from 2020 won’t work this time,” RNC chief counsel Charlie Spies said in the press release.