Evil Racism

Oh gee, THAT’d

be a shame!

If the evil democracy-hating MAGA House Republicans don’t agree to Democats’ budget demands and avert a government shutdown, then the IRS will have to furlough an estimated 60,000 of its 90,000 employees just three days from now.

Bummer? Yeah, not so much…

Before I was kinda of two minds about the shutdown, but now I actively want it to happen!

To give you an idea of how the IRS currently spends its time and the money it extracts from you like Steve Martin’s dentist character from “Little Shop of Horrors,” Kiplinger told readers on Thursday that “the IRS has come under fire for recent significant missteps, like allegedly violating taxpayer rights in some instances, back-dating documents in a conservation easement tax case, and auditing Black taxpayers at higher rates.” [emphasis added]

But the honest truth is, most of the workers who are affected are “non-essential.” It might indeed be painful for some individuals, but most important government functions would be unaffected.

Tell me again why we even have non-essential people on the government payroll? I think ALL government employees need to justify their positions!

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