Lefty Political Strategy

So why do Leftists

use kids as “human shields?”

I mean, it is clearly a major strategy of the Left. Just think of Greta Thunberg and David Hogg!

But it is really manipulative in the extreme. And can you think of a corresponding figure on the right? Nothing comes to MY mind…

If your ideas need to be expressed by people that others aren’t allowed to criticize, that’s a solid indicator that your ideas can’t withstand criticism, because they’re stupid.

And THAT is the eternal weakness of Leftism itself–a fundamental logical weakness. That weakness simply can’t withstand scrutiny, which is why Leftist refuse to debate and they use the “cute puppies” of empty-headed children (as most are at that age) to demagogically sway the masses.

In other words, it’s all hat and no cattle. It’s all fairies and unicorns and little hard-slogging reality. See, reality is too demanding for them, too difficult, too redolent of cold showers.

And we see that in the Democrat explosive-diarrhea spending. Oh, Republicans are not immune to the siren song of “buy now, pay (sometime) later.” But they are a bit less prone to it. They are less vulnerable to, in the slightly altered words of the dodo bird in Alice In Wonderland, “ALL have won and all must have personal gratification.”

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