Current Events

Yes, that is

pretty much true.

  • We KNOW that Hillary Clinton was behind the scam.
  • It materially damages other “Russiagate” cases.
  • We KNOW that it was a scam from the get-go–Trump is and always was innocent. They tried to frame an innocent man out of a lust for power. Think about THAT!
  • The Alfa Bank lie is dead, dead, dead.
  • It shows beyond a doubt that the MSM LIES! You now trust them? You are a blithering fool if you do!
  • It lays bare the awful deep state corruption.

No matter what the verdict is, almost all of us are no longer fooled by the lies. We KNOW that the Lefties and the MSM (though I repeat myself) will lie to us without compunction, without conscience, and without remorse. The scales have fallen from our eyes. And THAT makes it a “win” no matter what.

UPDATE: The verdict is in, and no surprise, the obviously guilty goes free. What do you expect, with such a partisan jury?

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