Yeah, look at

the data.

The midterm outlook for House Democrats is so bleak that even members in districts President Biden won by10 to 15 points are in danger of losing their seats, according to election experts.

… The Cook Political Report just revised its fall House forecast to a net Republican gain of 20 to 35 seats [ed. House]. Cook shifted 10 races in Republicans’ direction and two toward Democrats, with 35 D-held seats now labeled “tossup” or worse

  • 23 House Democrats have announced they won’t seek re-election, compared to just 11 Republicans.
  • President Biden’s approval has been hovering in the low 40s [ed. Yeah, AT LEAST that bad! Some in the 30s.] for several months, with inflation driving down his popularity. 
  • Polling shows Republicans are winning the generic congressional ballot (Would you rather vote for a Democrat or a Republican?) by an average of 1.9 points — and they have still room to grow.

These races are essentially even, according to polls:

OK, that said, Democrats may well try to preserve their power through massive voter fraud. YOU need to be watchful and to take precautions!

Current Events

Let’s just take

moment and remember this fallen hero.


Some CEOs are

starting the realize that “woke” is a financial death wish.They have been very slow to come to that understanding!

There was a pompous, “Yeah, but they can’t do without ME!” But as pro sports has found out, oh yes they can! And will.

But we may be seeing the beginning of a cultural shift, here. I suspect that there will be an avalanche.

As the Netflix CEO said to his employees, “If you find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.”

It really doesn’t get a lot clearer than that, does it?

In talking about Chappelle, the CEO said: “Nobody would say that what he does isn’t thoughtful or smart,” he said. “You just don’t agree with him.”

And also: “We’re programming for a lot of diverse people who have different opinions and different tastes and different styles, and yet we’re not making everything for everybody.”

So here is the message to the woketards: “Shut up and do your job or get the heck out–we are NOT your idealogical platform.”

Civil Rights

Hey, gun control

wackos: How about you get educated rather than just parrot drivel you heard from some deluded Lefty fever-swamp denizen?

Please, get a smidgeon of common sense!

C’mon! Know the facts! Don’t be a chump!

Current Events

Yes, be careful

not to make unwise choices…

Lefty Violence

ALWAYS remember:

There are NO mass shootings for kids who are homeschooled.Do what is good for your kids…

Current Events

Oh yeah,

THAT’s gonna leave a mark! I mean, Nancy is already known as a “wine nana!”

History Incompetence

When we look

back at things, Joe Biden falling down the polling poop chute started with his Afghanistan bungle.

That was when it became incontrovertible that he is, in fact, a dangerous moron. Opposing him from that point forward was NOT just political preference, it was good sense–a means of survival. Look at the data; August 2021 was the turning point.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are terrible and keep getting worse. While his approval is certainly being affected by inflation, high gas prices, and other issues, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the pivotal moment.

… The American people are very patient, but leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan was unforgivable. When service members were then killed by a suicide bomber, Biden’s political fate was sealed.

It has kind of been a delayed burn. But it was with that that it became no longer possible to fully trust Joe Biden–his amazingly poor judgment became undeniable. So when a bunch of bad crap later came along, the reservoir of good will was just empty–it had ALL (and more) been spent on the Afghanistan bungle. So now Biden’s approval rating is in the high 30s–and still falling.

The failures have been cumulative. And the Biden checking account of trust and good will is now grossly overdrawn…

Dementia Dishonesty


what planet is he ON? Dementia Joe strikes again…

President Joe Biden falsely claimed that January 6 rioters at the U.S. Capitol “killed two police officers” while giving the commencement address at his alma mater Saturday.

But wait, there’s more!

On Friday, Biden told another whopper while addressing graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. He claimed he’d been accepted to the venerable institution in 1965 but opted for the University of Delaware because future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach blocked his path to gridiron glory. In fact, by 1965, Biden had already graduated from college, and while he was at Delaware, he never played varsity football despite later claiming he did

Bad Faith Corruption


Ya gotta wonder, right?