Yeah, look at

the data.

The midterm outlook for House Democrats is so bleak that even members in districts President Biden won by10 to 15 points are in danger of losing their seats, according to election experts.

… The Cook Political Report just revised its fall House forecast to a net Republican gain of 20 to 35 seats [ed. House]. Cook shifted 10 races in Republicans’ direction and two toward Democrats, with 35 D-held seats now labeled “tossup” or worse

  • 23 House Democrats have announced they won’t seek re-election, compared to just 11 Republicans.
  • President Biden’s approval has been hovering in the low 40s [ed. Yeah, AT LEAST that bad! Some in the 30s.] for several months, with inflation driving down his popularity. 
  • Polling shows Republicans are winning the generic congressional ballot (Would you rather vote for a Democrat or a Republican?) by an average of 1.9 points — and they have still room to grow.

These races are essentially even, according to polls:

OK, that said, Democrats may well try to preserve their power through massive voter fraud. YOU need to be watchful and to take precautions!

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