Yeah. “Biden” is

dancing a joyful jig over the jobs report that says 335,000 jobs were created. BUT, that report is as fake as a $3 bill.

When are 335,000 new jobs not 335,000 new jobs? When Washington makes them up and the media dutifully report them with all due breathlessness.

… “Rosenberg Research calculated that, despite the job gains, total hours worked actually contracted.” [Emphasis added.] In fact, the Household Survey — “the one the media ignores,” as Barone put it — “showed up with a -31K headline jobs number, and a fall of -63K in full-time jobs.” Worse, the labor participation rate remains down. Americans are working more part-time jobs because there are fewer full-time jobs to go around — a sizable fraction of last month’s jobs went to people taking on a second or third job.

… Seeking Alpha adds that “many believe the Household survey is a more accurate measure of employment when compared to the headline number.”

Guys, “Biden” is lying to you!