Voter Fraud

So when are we

as a people going to start standing up against voter fraud? Just when, huh?

In Connecticut, Bridgeport has long been one of those cities that Democrat state-wide candidates can rely upon for “midnight magic” — those last-minute miraculous discoveries of boxes of uncounted ballots that put them over the top in an election. It’s so bad that, in 2012, an infuriating video made the rounds in which then-Mayor Bill Finch joked around with Democrat candidate (now U.S. Senator) Chris Murphy about securing his win over Republican rival Linda McMahon. “Always, always,” Finch can be heard saying of his city. “We may be a couple days late, but you can be guaranteed you’re going to get the votes.”

You know the drill: A half-baked “investigation” that goes on and on and then once the heat subsides after a few years… nothing. That’s how this works. Maybe some “blue-on-blue” action will get the ball rolling. But probably not…

The Connecticut Post reported on Saturday that the Bridgeport Police Department had opened an investigation into the actions depicted in the video footage and a parallel investigation into how the Gomes campaign came into possession of the footage (emphasis added).

Yep! That’s how it works! You blow the whistle and YOU get investigated…

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