Age-related decline

Yes, flashing

red lights.

Monday’s CBS Mornings decided to do its best David Ignatius impression by providing their liberal viewership with what could only be described as flashing emergency lights in the form of CBS’s latest polling showing that not only did former President Trump have a one-point national lead over President Biden, but it showed only 34 percent of voters believed Biden could finish a second term (which would end in 2028).

… In the graphic but not in Cordes’s voice-over, another 44 percent of voters believed Biden would quit before the end of a hypothetical second term whereas only 16 percent see it as a possibility for Trump.

Grim. Grim for the foam-flecked anti-Trump crowd.

And is this “battlefield prep” for a Biden withdrawal? You know he is legally hosed if the next President is a Republican, right? I mean, look at what the House alone is doing!

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