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OK, so I watched

the Tucker Carlson Trump interview and I have some thoughts:

The main issue that struck me is how competent Trump is. I had thought he was just a celebrity who did some good things. But no, he is very solid–great knowledge and really good sense. He’s the kind of guy who, when he drives, allows you to sleep because you feel comfortable that he can handle whatever comes up.

But if Biden were driving you would be wide-eyed and white-knuckled! So there was this air of competence about Trump that was strangely comforting. I honestly didn’t expect that.

I was similarly struck by his common sense. I guess I expected all bluster, and indeed there was some of that (though not much), But the whole thing was very eye-opening. And watching/hearing the other Republican candidates debate debate at the same time, I understood why Trump didn’t participate. He would ONLY be sullied by their dwarfish antics.

I had originally thought that Trump should join the others in the debate. I was WRONG! Trump did the right thing, here.

Here is the interview:

Before you get all solidified in a position, you really need to to watch this interview. Get the data! There is a good reason that Trump has an astronomical, insurmountable lead over other other Republican hopefuls. They look like fractious Lilliputians compared to Trump!

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