Bizarre Evil Clown Hypocrisy

Odd, wouldn’t

you say? It’s almost like they are just pandering!

The Biden White House social media account “La Casa Blanca” did not post anything related to “Transgender Day of Visibility” while the English White House account on X made a post on Easter to declare the LGBTQ recognition day. 

Funny how that is, eh? I guess for Spanish speakers, the White House made it so trans people were not at all visible!  

But be assured, the trannies are heard, they are loved, they are understood, and they belong! They just don’t belong on Spanish WH social media feeds, amIright?

Nope, no pandering here.

And then Biden weirdly denied declaring Easter, “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Uhm, he signed a proclamation saying that! Does he just not remember? It’s just so dang bizarre!