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Yes, indeed.

It has been a very big week at SCOTUS.

And HERE is where the difference between conservative and Leftist jurisprudence becomes so starkly visible:

They [the Conservative rulings] show the historical context, legal precedents, and all the objective law that went into the opinion. In each case, the dissenting justices use mostly emotion in their argument. Law is not based on emotion, it’s objective and supposed to be even-handed.

…Personally, I liked both of the big decisions this week but more importantly, what I really liked was the cogent law argument behind them. If you didn’t like the decisions, take a step back and try and read them without emotion.

[Re: abortion] … If you are against voters deciding, ask yourself why. If a politician is against letting voters decide in their state, why do they despise the democratic process so much? What else would that politician do to usurp the democratic process?

… I think this is something that NEVER would have happened with Roe in place. We will see states pass laws for and against abortion and voters will finally have their say. Federalism is great, and it is a wonderful pressure relief valve. We will see a lot of innovation around both abortions and I hope adoption. Again, I am pro-life but if a company wants to offer this benefit to their employees, fine with me. As a person, you can choose to be employed there or not. As an investor, you can choose to invest or not. As a consumer, you can choose to patronize, or not. [emphasis added]

In the words of Jordan Peterson, this Lefty “wokeism” is a “crippled religion.” And he is entirely correct. Secular Leftism IS a religion! It is complete with a priestly class and the “sacrament” of abortion and the proof of active status of activism. And “Cancel Culture” is excommunication.

So don’t blather on about how secular Lefties are not religious–they certainly are. It’s just that Secular Leftism IS their religion! Yes, it’s warped. But make no mistake–it is a religion.

With Roe being overturned, Lefties are screaming in anguish to their woke stone god. But their stone god does not make a sound…

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