Current Events Hypocrisy


a mass exodus from Lefty places.

BUT, I have a question for you Lefties: If you are really committed, why don’t you leave your cushy life in a comfortable conservative state and move to, say Portland, Oregon? I mean, people are leaving those places so real estate should be OK.

I think we ALL know very well what the answer to that question is: Lefties in conservative states want the status of being a Left-wing rebel but also want a decent life. I mean, they profess beliefs but their actions totally undercut their professions!

… the end of the COVID-19 pandemic has done nothing to arrest the trend of people fleeing large cities in liberal coastal states for more pleasant and orderly locales, particularly in the Mountain West and the Sun Belt.

…It is hardly a coincidence that all 15 of the 15 fastest-growing cities and towns between July 2020 and July 2021 are in states that Republicans govern: Arizona, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Idaho. And 14 out of the 15 fastest-declining cities during the same period were in states that Democrats governed at the time.

But here’s the real issue:
What towns and cities gaining population generally have in common both before and during COVID-19 is that they live under laws made by Republicans. What towns and cities losing population have in common is that they live under laws made by Democrats.

Open your eyes! The effects of political philosophy are really quite clear. DUH!

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