In regard to POTUS

and Roe, it’s not at all surprising to me that they deferred to the states. That is how the Roberts court has usually worked. And it was absolutely the correct call in this instance. This was never a SCOTUS issue in the first place.

What they essentially said is this:

Not my monkeys, not my circus.

And they were right. This was not a Constitutional issue and it was an egregious error for the court to have stepped into the fray 30 or so years ago. And it has further polarized the nation and been a HUGE wedge issue since Roe. Yeah, play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

But the court most recently (apparently) didn’t rule on whether life begins at conception or at 20 weeks or at birth or at one month after delivery. It didn’t rule on the validity of a “sacred sacrament.” It simply looked at the issue and said, “Uhh, that’s not mine.”

And it wasn’t.

Oh and let’s not forget how extreme US Democrats are:

It would be laughable if murder were not involved… Folks, these guys in America are evil!

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