I really like

Chip Roy. And I have for some time. I think he is a dark horse for President in 2024.


Oh, and you

can BET that there will be a battle royale!

The way “Biden” and his merry minions have spent gives drunken sailors a bad name! This crap has GOT to stop.

So, we need to ask what the nuts and bolts are of what will happen if the “debt ceiling” is NOT raised. Maybe there are programs that need to be pared back a bit. Ya think?

No doubt this is a painful way to do it. Better would be just to gradually draw down spending, but NO, the Democrats (and RINOs) wouldn’t take that obvious, good-sense measure.

It is the Democrat Harry Reid/Jan. 6 committee problem in spades. Dem thinking is notoriously short-term, and when the inevitable comes, it roars back with a vengeance! Usually, the “easy way” has very bad long-term outcomes. THAT is a lesson Democrats have chronically failed to learn.

Oh, and here’s the other part—within a week. So now we are looking at frantic action to stave off what was very predictable MONTHS ago! It’s not hard to look at trend lines…

You HAVE to do it and do it NOW–there’s no time to talk about it! No time to debate! Yes, they could done it in September and October, but there were elections in November!

Captain Obvious Competence Disgusting!

It’s just infuriating!

It’s not “Holding the party hostage,” it is “Holding firm to what is right.”

THAT kind of language is both utterly demeaning and totally tone-deaf! It seems that McCarthy has FAR from learned anything, here, and has turned to disgusting RINO, Democrat-tinged ad hominem tactics.

I wasn’t adamantly opposed to him before, but now I am! Maybe McCarthy should give good-faith attention to what other, more grounded and conservative people are saying!


See, the problem

is that of real life competence versus a mastery of the low arts of politics. See, Joe Biden has indeed mastered the low arts of politics. And that mastery is primary for him.

But once he reached his goal of the presidency, he was like a dog that chases cars and then doesn’t know what to do when he actually catches one!

The goal of taking an office was always the foundational goal, Biden’s North Star, if you will. Competence was never the actual goal or driving force! He just assumed that he could do it. Well, he was wrong…

Trump, on the other hand, came at it from the opposite direction. Yeah, you may not like him, but likability was never the primary factor–it was competence. Get elected, sure, but personal popularity was never the foundational issue! He was competent first.

A primary weakness of MANY voters is that they mistake “nice” for “competent.” Even higher IQ Democrats founder on the shoals of that weakness. And voters who have never run their own business or been an executive bleatingly go down that path.

But sometimes “nice” and “competent” are two very different things. For example, General Patton in WWII was far from “nice.” BUT, he was extraordinarily competent as a tank commander.

Abraham Lincoln, in the Civil War, said of his alcoholic and unpleasant General U.S. Grant, “I cannot spare this man. He fights.”

Understand well, people didn’t elect DJT because he was “nice.” They elected him because they deemed him competent.


But the President

just won’t look at the mess he caused!


Well, yeah.

Ut’s just amazing what competent political leadership can do!


Whaling and culling

is what you do when you acquire a business! Only a non-executive “worker bee” drone doesn’t understand that! But any of us who actually are (or have been) executives understand it VERY well!

And it’s not that “worker bees” are not needed or valuable. They are very much so. It’s that their role in an organization–and their skill set–is quite different from an executive.


The “shine” is

starting to come off the Trump apple. Yes, he was a very good President. Yes, I will always be grateful for him saving the country from Hillary. Yes, he is great in front of a crowd. Yes, he lost in 2020 entirely because of voter fraud. And he was stabbed in the back by Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, and others. Yes, yes, absolutely.

BUT, have his wheels started to come off, now? Has he lost a step, culturally?

He has disparaged DeSantis a couple times, recently. It seems defensive and more than a bit flailing. Really bad move at a horrible time, in any case. The timing just couldn’t have been worse.

It’s the kind of cultural faux pas that you simply don’t expect from Trump. Add in a totally underwhelming and terrible under-performance by GOP leaders in yesterday’s election, and suddenly many of us are asking some rather hard questions.

Is it time to move on? DeSantis looks pretty dang good

I don’t think there’s any question but that Trump will try and run again. The question is what will DeSantis do. And how would Trump react to being beaten by DeSantis? Will he use his influence for the good of the GOP and support someone who beats him in he primary? Or will he be sullen and bitter and take his followers and go home?