Competence Epic fail

So do we

still trust medical opinion? It seems to be crumbling, a victim of wokeism. That plus the Internet.

And the problem is, this is not the first time medical providers have followed a “trendy” but unscientific and damaging path, and the reservoir of public trust is starting to run dry. I see it all the time as people talk about their medical providers. Some patients will shy like a rearing horse at any sign of “woke.”

Surveying the mad rush of physicians to embrace fads forces one to wonder at the lack of moral grounding in medical education. We need not travel back to the heyday of the eugenics movement in the early 20th century to see how imprudently much of the medical profession has faddishly pursued dangerous conceits: lobotomies for mental illness, “repressed memory” of child abuse, mass estrogen prescriptions for post-menopausal women, opioids for any manner of pain relief, experimentation and over-prescription of psychotropic medicines with serious aftereffects, and, now, “sex change” surgery and administration of puberty-blocking drugs. After all this, should courts ever pay attention to briefs submitted by medical “experts”?

Wokeism has at least hastened the death of trust in experts and expertise. A therapeutic bond must be earned, not merely given as a matter of course out of awe of a medical degree.

I remember having lunch with a bunch of judges and potential court-ordered experts. We were all sitting around a big table in a conference room.

One Psychologist there started spouting off on some cock-and-bull Freudian explanation and how she charges more than double for court work than the rest of us did because she is so dang good.

You could almost see the judges rolling their eyes. I spent a TON of time in court after that, but I never saw that psychologist again! Nor did I ever see, over the next 15 years, any reports by her.

And many of US just roll our eyes when “woke” physicians and other medical experts start talking. Same thing.

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