Bad Faith

Guys, it

was staged.

Folks, there is no dishonor in being fooled. We pay good money to be fooled when we go to movies and magic shows and such.

But this was ALL a show! And the problem here is that when we are fooled by a magician or illusionist, we know very well that we are being fooled. That guy did not really saw that woman in half.

THAT is the difference between being an illusionist and being a liar and a charlatan. And THIS is the latter…

Thunberg is laughing and smiling, right up until the photographer gets her in the good light and she puts on her trademark How Dare You™ scowl. The police politely wait until it’s time to do their part in the charade, and drag Thunberg off, one presumes, to her next photo op.

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