Oh, and you

can BET that there will be a battle royale!

The way “Biden” and his merry minions have spent gives drunken sailors a bad name! This crap has GOT to stop.

So, we need to ask what the nuts and bolts are of what will happen if the “debt ceiling” is NOT raised. Maybe there are programs that need to be pared back a bit. Ya think?

No doubt this is a painful way to do it. Better would be just to gradually draw down spending, but NO, the Democrats (and RINOs) wouldn’t take that obvious, good-sense measure.

It is the Democrat Harry Reid/Jan. 6 committee problem in spades. Dem thinking is notoriously short-term, and when the inevitable comes, it roars back with a vengeance! Usually, the “easy way” has very bad long-term outcomes. THAT is a lesson Democrats have chronically failed to learn.

Oh, and here’s the other part—within a week. So now we are looking at frantic action to stave off what was very predictable MONTHS ago! It’s not hard to look at trend lines…

You HAVE to do it and do it NOW–there’s no time to talk about it! No time to debate! Yes, they could done it in September and October, but there were elections in November!

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