"Green" religion Lefty Identity

Yes, but for

a lot of people on the Left, being wrong is not a particular problem.

MUCH of what they espouse is demonstrably wrong, but don’t be fooled–facts and truth are NOT the salient issues, here. Again, the real issue here is conversion, not mere data.

I mean, look gun control, as well! This is another case where the data are very clear. Yet Leftists promote policies that are directly contrary to the data! And when confronted with data they are steadfast in their beliefs regardless. Because it’s about conversion and not data!

The data don’t actually matter. This is all about identity and self-regard. “I was born a Leftist and I will die a Leftist.” Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is about evidence–it’s not. It’s about identity, which is why they hold to Leftism with religious intensity.

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