"Green" religion The Loony Left

Hey, if the

shoe fits, buddy

And the fact that the nutcase glued his feet to concrete might have had something to do with the determination he might need professional intervention.

Yeah, maybe…

But perhaps a hard Ice Hockey body-check would have freed him! We’ve already seen these wackos have their glued hands ripped off. Sometimes the road surface has been removed around the hand and then they are sent on their way. All good!

I’m tired of these zealots. I’m just NOT into extreme religious zealotry. And that’s what this is. We have seen that same thing with the ascetics in history. And there’s simply no good reason to be nice about this. It does them no good and also does the rest of us no good. Let them become an extreme religious ascetic, a modern-day St. Simeon The Stylite.

They deliberately do it to themselves in a fit of religious zealotry in order to take advantage of you because of your niceness! So let them face the consequences of their actions. Don’t let them turn your niceness into a weapon against you!

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