In some ways

it doesn’t matter. In terms of FoxNews viewership, it’s OVER!

Of course conservatives will boycott FoxNews–It’s already been happening! And it will only get worse for them.

See, they soiled their britches in the 2020 Presidential election when they called AZ early for Biden. THAT was the moment the mask well and truly slipped off.

And trust, once lost, is very hard to regain…

So here is the deal: Leftists have LONG hated FoxNews and don’t at all watch it. If people want Lefty pablum, they watch CNN or follow the NY Times. So Fox doesn’t have that group and never will.

So now, what will be Fox’s selling point? Are they going to say, “We used to be fair and balanced but now we are totally in the tank for the Left“? Them changing only underlines their faithless shift to the Left! And their falseness.

I mean, change from what? What were you doing that was bad before, Fox? Just why was a change needed and who instigated it? Because if you are presenting as having changed, maybe you need to explain why! The first step in change is admitting fault. So, FoxNews, just what was the fault that you needed to change?

But also, they no longer appeal to normal, center- or right-leaning or thinking people. They not only revealed themselves to be mindless Lefty shills on election night 2020, but then they fired Tucker Carlson, the best single source of their viewership! And now they are legally trying to silence him. Oh yeah, great PR!

So now the conservatives and center-right hate them, and the Lefties still hate them and would never watch! Just from a business perspective, what a stupid move! Even IF they manage to silence Tucker, it’s not as if right-thinking people will suddenly return en masse or that Lefties will start loving them. It’s over.

The best they can hope for now is a CNN-like irrelevance. But that is actually a pretty dang rosy scenario for them. At least Lefties kinda like CNN…

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