You know what

Liz Cheney is so afraid of?

Truth. She is deathly afraid of the truth. And THAT sure doesn’t speak well of her…

Cheney and others see January 6th as a political bludgeon, and for it to be effective, their narrative must be airtight. There can be no nuance. There can’t be any participants who just got caught up in the chaos. Instead, every single person who approached and entered the Capitol Building must be painted as an insidious insurrectionist with that express intent. Otherwise, the day becomes just a little bit less significant, and we can’t have that, can we?

Of course, her 15 minutes of fame has like two seconds left… And we ALL know now what she really is!

Current Events Deception False Flag

It’s finally (kinda)

released. BUT

Oh wow. I didn’t think it would ever happen. And it didn’t, voluntarily. BUT, there may be other stuff; It is not complete. Nor does it answer the question of why the Left so desperately wanted to hide it. Is it just the anti-Christian stuff and the racism against whites? It’s hard to imagine that that is all it was about. 

But just why did the PD spokesman say that it was “so detailed “ that it was dangerous to release? THAT sure doesn’t fit what we have so far! So why was it kept secret for months if there was absolutely nothing there? And why a partial release now? What changed? It all just makes no sense! 

And when things make no sense, you can be absolutely sure that you don’t have some crucial information. I think that the information was GOING to finally come out, so the Leftists in charge “beat them to the punch” and released it (mostly) themselves with some cock-and-bull cover story.

“Leaked,” my butt. It wasn’t even the complete text! The “release” is very obviously a disinformation ploy. All smoke and mirrors. What was originally reported as the reason why it could not be released was not even there!

So HUH? There’s something screwy, here! Bank on it.

UDATE: But is it actually the “manifesto?” Or was it just some other set of psychotic ramblings?

Someone leaked three pages of notebook paper in Hale’s handwriting to Steven Crowder. These pages are not the “manifesto,” although they may come from the same notebook. Rather, they appear to be the notes that Ms. Hale made on the last days of her life

With additional information, my guess is this: What was revealed was done so on purpose, and it wasn’t the manifesto at all. It was just some wacko rantings. And it was not a “leak” at all–it was a strategy.

In my view, even more salient than the ideological question on which the “manifesto” would shed light is the chemical question. Audrey Hale was caught up in the “trans” fad. Shortly before her death, she decided that she was “really” a man. Was she undergoing the chemical regimen associated with sex change operations? I don’t know. I am not sure whether this has been publicly reported. But rates of mental illness are sky-high among those who believe themselves to be “trans,” and it could be valuable for health professionals to know whether a chemical regimen contributed to Hale’s homicidal mental condition.

But all of that will have to wait for another day. The “manifesto” is still hidden, and honest discussion of the biological implications of sex-change procedures is still far off.

Now it makes total sense that if this person was damaged by trans “treatment” and was, in fact, made more violent because of said treatments, that would make those who prescribed and encouraged her be personally as well as professionally legally liable. And with that precedent, prescribers and hospitals around the country IMMEDIATELY become legally liable for bad outcomes.

And no one would ever do it again because it would be legal suicide.

So the Left and ALL those involved in the “trans” fad would have a HUGE incentive to keep these things under wraps! THAT would well explain the release of “red herring” information to Crowder, too.

Suddenly things start to make sense…


Well, isn’t

that charming?

Research by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway, suggests that COVID-19 vaccines or the body’s response to them can lead to unexpected vaginal bleeding in women. This phenomenon was observed in women across different reproductive stages.

Bad Faith Deception Dishonesty


We need to get o the bottom of things–and clean house.

But this much is clear: YOU were deliberately deceived! You should to fell betrayed and angry.

There is proof that Anthony Fauci knowingly deceived the public, that academic scientists and once-prestigious science journals colluded with him in that deception, and that scientists investigating the virus at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Center for Medical Intelligence were censored when they concluded it most likely came from a laboratory. Now there appears to be evidence that the CIA was involved as well.

Yep, you were snookered. You fell prey to the pandemic 3-card Monty shysters. Shame on them!

Now YOU go make sure that it doesn’t happen again…

What we still don’t know is what exactly was covered up. China isn’t a U.S. ally. So why would the CIA want to hide evidence that the virus might have come from a Chinese government laboratory? The answer may have to do with the fact that funding for the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology came from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—which is relevant because USAID, while nominally America’s foreign aid agency, has decadeslong ties to the CIA and a history of acting as a cutout for the intelligence agency.

Contrary to the popular depiction of Fauci as an altruistic public health official, he was in fact deeply embedded in the U.S. military establishment through his role as the first head of U.S. biodefense

Current Events Deception Sociopathy

I like Trump

as President a lot, and I will happily vote for him in 2024. Let’s get that out of the way here at the very beginning.

But let’s be honest: He failed the COVID test. Yes, yes, it was a very hard test, and there is little question that he was duped by the dishonest and sociopathic duo of Birx and Fauci. They lied to him. And many others were similarly duped and wrong. You or I might well have been wrong in that situation. But let’s also come clean and admit that he was indeed wrong, here.

Yes, he was duped. And that is NOT a bit disqualifying. I’m NOT trying to be harsh, but:

Trump deserves credit for calling out the deep state, but the fact is that from 2016 until now, the deep/administrative state has been beating Trump like a drum. When did he actually take on the administrative state, and when did he ever win? His only defense with regard to covid (which he doesn’t candidly assert) is that he couldn’t help what the federal government–Fauci et al.–did. But that doesn’t cut it.

…”The one state that stayed almost entirely open – South Dakota – was in defiance of the White House in doing so. The first state to open up after that was Georgia under Governor Kemp, whom Trump blasted for the decision. Moreover, Trump has repeatedly bragged about how he shut down the country, as if that makes him awesome.

It is absolutely true that Trump is very obviously the best choice for 2024. I would dearly love to see him in office again. But it is also true that he failed the COVID test. Miserably.

As the race for the GOP presidential nomination begins, it is time for an accounting. Who was right about covid, and who was wrong? Sadly, Donald Trump–like Anthony Fauci, Andy Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Tim Walz, Gretchen Whitmer, and Joe Biden–was wrong.


Even Mitt?

Really? Whoda thunk?

Well, it’s really just a gambit. Mitt is going to get trounced if he runs again, and he is just trying to save his sorry, RINO hide! Like most Lefties in conservative places, he chronically lies about who he actually is because he knows his real self is totally unacceptable to almost all moral, thinking people.

Bad Faith Deception

Hey, the Feds

tell us recycling is GOOD! And that is what they are doing here

People on the Right who protest need to be very careful!

Bad Faith Captain Obvious Deception

It was NEVER

about helping or protecting women. DUH!

If your beginning assumption about politics is that everybody actually believes what they say — if you grant them the benefit of the doubt as regards sincerity and their professed ideals — then you are, to paraphrase W.C. Fields, the kind of sucker who should never get an even break. If it weren’t for the ample supply of fools, however, the Democratic Party would have been out of business long ago…

… In other words, #BelieveWomen, unless a woman makes an accusation that could keep Democrats from winning the White House, in which case, the hashtag will be instantly converted to #ThatBitchIsLying.

Look, it was ALWAYS fraud, a scam. OK?

Deception Despotism

I gotta admit,

I have never understood the Left’s strange, almost phobia-like irrational fear of nuclear power. Indeed, I don’t now how you can, with a straight face, call yourself an environmentalist while fighting against modern safe nuclear power and wanting instead to fill up landfills with toxic used-up solar panel and un-recyclable windmill blades and used-up toxic batteries (none of which work very well). And that is after both avian-frying solar panels and bird-chopper windmills have wreaked havoc on bird populations!

Honestly it does’t make a lick of sense. Except…

Except if maybe this is ALL just a front, and it actually is is merely a cynical gambit for power and dominion. OK, now that makes sense!

It’s just hard to shake the nagging feeling that for the Left this is NOT about environmentalism at all! Not one bit. In fact, it is just a despotic power grab wrapped in the “smiley face” robes of environmentalism. THAT sure makes a lot more sense!

Deception Evil

You are

aware of this, right?