Biden-induced misery Impending Democrat Doom

Well, we are

naturally seeing a shift. And that makes sense. You can only do horrible things to the public for so long before they start saying, “Hey, now wait just a doggone minute, here!

People just weren’t happy to have a senile old fart unceremoniously (and unfairly) imposed on them. And an unfairly-instantiated senile old fart who caused untold misery. And THAT dissatisfaction led to a slew of other questions.Imagine that!

Oh, and the groups hit hardest by inflation right now are blacks, young people, and suburban mothers. 

And we ALL know how piss-poor Democrats are at giving logical and well thought out explanations! And in this case they can’t use their typical tactic of running away while tossing grenades behind them in a sort of modern incarnation of a Parthian shot.

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