Current Events

Well, I tend to be rather

optimistic, though I am rather a realist about the breadth and depth of the Democrat voter fraud coming in the 2024 elections. Though of course that is not the only issue…

This time, Biden himself will be on the ballot. He is broadly unpopular. Most Democrats, especially those aged 30 and under, do not want him to be the party’s nominee. The economy could yet improve, but his age will not. Biden finds him squarely in the middle of Democratic internal divisions on Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza, alienating Muslim and Arab American voters who could hold the key to battleground states such as Michigan.

And it’s quite unclear to me what will actually happen. It seems blindingly obvious to me that Biden is a corrupt, senile turd, but there are indeed people who will vote for him. If you ask me, that is a stupid and illogical course of action, but indeed there are a frightening number of people who are stupid and illogical.

As someone who has been steeped in IQ testing for nearly 30 years, it is frightening to me to understand that when you think of how dumb the average person is, by definition half of them are dumber! So yes, Biden has a chance. Good sense is NOT seen all the time…