Political Strategy

The real problem

is Kamala. How do you solve a problem like Kamala?

The part I keep coming back to is the part that makes replacing Biden impossible: Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris. As Kruiser has pointed out so many times, the Democrats’ 110% devotion to identity politics makes it virtually impossible to dump her — and yet she’d fare even worse against Trump than Biden would.

… Or maybe Harris is more dump-able than we’ve thought. As Mark Hemingway asked earlier today after watching this hilarious (!!!) Daily Show sketch, “Is this even allowed? How did this happen and is a network exec getting fired over this?”

I really don’t know how ditching the dead-weight of Kamala could be done. Black voters would for sure rebel! And yet the rest of us would just not tolerate a dolt like her. And in any case, she would NOT go softly into that good night. And would there be a single person anywhere who would believe that she just chose not to if they DID ditch her?

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t…

Oh, and I hope that her Secret Service detail is on their toes! The DNC, after all…