Ignoramuses Lefty Political Strategy

But there is

one response missing: just run away while blaming and calling names. Thus Leftists avoid the difference in opinion entirely. Just strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!

Pro tip for Lefties: Just never engage a contrary opinions in the first place–be warm and cozy in the fetid Lefty fever swamps, where no one will challenge you at all!


But I would change it slightly: It is not really just an abstract desire to change, it is a willingness to change. In other words, there has to be real intent.

One has to put aside one’s overweening pride and admit that YOU might be wrong. But if I think that I can’t learn and change because I already know it and am right, I am quite literally damned–all progression and personal growth ceases. I can no longer be taught anything, let alone make life changes!