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This guy is

a TOTAL moron! How can you be called as an “expert” and yet be SO ignorant and full of crap? Heavens, I know way more about this than he does about these things, and I’m by no means an expert!

Now, as California’s Department of Justice weighs an assault weapons ban, Col. Craig Tucker has testified that a single round from an AR-15 “is capable of severing the upper body from the lower body, or decapitation.” Furthermore, it’s useless as a defensive weapon, except maybe when used to beat an attacker with it.

What an idiot!

“… barrel rifling is what makes a round tumble upon hitting its target and chunks of plastic you hold on to make a gun more lethal. all while simultaneously only being useful as a blunt force weapon in self-defense.”

Huh? This guy is an ignoramus–he has NO clue about such things! Of course, he’s letting his gums flap in order to get some of that sweet, sweet expert witness money!

I am truly gobsmacked at just how ignorant this is! The opposing attorney should eat his freakin’ lunch on cross!

Bad Faith Ignoramuses

Inflation gone?

Really? Have you gone to the grocery store lately? Do you know what eggs cost?

Why aren’t “reporters” mad that they are “supposed to” carry water for this White House? Don’t they eventually revolt at playing “Wormtongue” to the White House’s “Sauron?”

A major part of that is that like Wormtongue, they are on Sauron’s side. NEVER forget that! They are not stupid, they are just on the other team.

Inflation gone? Don’t be an ignoramus!

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Pelosi. She’s almost as impaired as Joe Biden! Was there ever a better argument for term limits than these two?

Happy Shwanza, everyone!

Price then updated a classic Christmas line to reflect Pelosi’s gaffe. “Happy Shwanza to all and to all a good night,” he tweeted.

Man, I’m glad she’s gone!

Evil Clown Ignoramuses

When you do stupid

things (like masking) you will likely increase vulnerability to other bugs! Because you are not exposed.

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Don’t be a butt.

Of course it isn’t!

This is just hypocritical Lefty “Gotcha!” crap.

Unlike Davidson and the Post — whose suspensions were politically motivated — Rupar and company actually violated Twitter rules. These left-wing activists maliciously disclosed another person’s location, and were sanctioned for endangering people. There’s nothing wrong with that.

… And socking a bully in the mouth is called justice, not cruelty. Those who argue for the latter tacitly admit their own cowardice and refusal to use strength to enforce societal standards.

Bad Faith Ignoramuses

See, we’d KNOW

what facebook and Google have if they were NOT raging partisan Leftists. But if you think that it was only Twitter you are a HUGE fool. I mean, a paste-eating moron!

No, no one is honestly THAT stupid. You’d have to be a willing ignoramus and mindless hack to think that. Unfortunately, such people DO exist…

Epic fail Ignoramuses

It’s just

so dang awesome! Hey guys, you’re not scientists, you are fricken’ MORONS! Go ahead and soil your britches, freaks! Then just sit in your feces and see what that does to your skin!

But that is just fine, because it would take energy to pump water in so you could clean yourself…

And what, no HEAT in the building at night? Would they suggest that we burn more fossil fuels to warm their sorry (and chapped) butts up?

Hypocrisy Ignoramuses

Yes, the Martha’s

Vineyard hoity-toity are dazed and confused!

They are so NIMBY about illegal immigration!

Epic fail Ignoramuses

Yeah, I think the

foam-flecked Trump haters have gotten way out over their skis!

“When it comes to classification issues and those kinds of things, he’s not above the law,” defense attorney Edward B. MacMahon, Jr., told the Post. “He basically is the law.”

… There’s just one giant problem for the FBI. Biden did not assume office until two days later. When those trucks arrived at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump was still president. The decision to repose classified documents in Mar-a-Lago was a presidential decision. Joe Biden might not have agreed with Trump’s decision keep these records after leaving office. But this situation is no different than Trump’s decision to share intelligence with the Russians. He made an executive decision to repose classified documents in his personal residence. 

It was ALL done correctly. This was a HUGE legal mistake for the Biden posse!

The FBI would do well to remember that it has no constitutional authority except what it borrows from the elected president. It must not be allowed to act as a super branch of government with the authority to nullify the decisions of an elected president made while he continued to hold office.

Ignoramuses Lefty Violence

Well good.

They SHOULD die!