Epic fail Ignoramuses

Yeah, I think the

foam-flecked Trump haters have gotten way out over their skis!

“When it comes to classification issues and those kinds of things, he’s not above the law,” defense attorney Edward B. MacMahon, Jr., told the Post. “He basically is the law.”

… There’s just one giant problem for the FBI. Biden did not assume office until two days later. When those trucks arrived at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump was still president. The decision to repose classified documents in Mar-a-Lago was a presidential decision. Joe Biden might not have agreed with Trump’s decision keep these records after leaving office. But this situation is no different than Trump’s decision to share intelligence with the Russians. He made an executive decision to repose classified documents in his personal residence. 

It was ALL done correctly. This was a HUGE legal mistake for the Biden posse!

The FBI would do well to remember that it has no constitutional authority except what it borrows from the elected president. It must not be allowed to act as a super branch of government with the authority to nullify the decisions of an elected president made while he continued to hold office.

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