Dishonesty Epic fail Ignoramuses

Let’s not be

an ignorant fool, here!

You ignorant buffoon, The permitless carry law in Florida does not go into effect until July 1.

Checking my calendar, it’s not July one, yet. And even then there still would required background checks in order to buy a gun from a merchant! Plus, it would still be just as illegal to use a gun in a crime.

But does this law make it easier for criminals to carry concealed?

No. Criminals have always carried concealed firearms regardless of the law. That’s why they’re called criminals. The new law levels the playing field for law abiding Floridians and guests, by making it easier for them to carry a concealed firearm. 

And NOTHING has changed in terms of where you can carry. The most charitable way of describing Newsom is that he is just ignorant of the facts (though in truth, it is likely morally FAR worse than that).

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