Free Speech

The value of Musk

allowing more free speech on Twitter goes WAY beyond his own platform. Because of his commitment to openness, other sites are going to have to loosen up just a bit–or become an open (as opposed to covert, as they have been) shill for the Left. It puts them in a bind and rips off their mask of impartiality.

So it’s not just that Twitter is more free. It’s that ALL platforms now have to at least grudgingly give a little ground to free speech. I mean, do you think they won’t hear, “What’s the big deal? I can bring this subject up on Twitter!” Any squelching of free speech will now show in high relief.

People who chafe under the draconian Speech Stalinism™ of other platforms will flee to the freedom of Twitter. And now that there has been some freedom, the toothpaste of falsehood and tyranny is out of the tube–it can’t be jammed back in. Ask the former USSR.

In other words, it forces those others to drop the mask and changes the culture. A bit.

Anti-scientific stance Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Did you


Lockdown saved as few as 1,700 lives in England and Wales in spring 2020, according to a landmark study which concludes the benefits of the policy were “a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs” imposed.

… The report authors said their findings showed that the draconian measures had a “negligible impact” on Covid mortality and were a “policy failure of gigantic proportions”.

… The study’s authors conclude: “The science of lockdowns is clear; the data are in: the deaths saved were a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs imposed.”


You think there

is no frustrated backlash against “woke” corporations?

Don’t be a bloomin’ fool!

Courage Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps


ya think?

Yes, CNN has soiled itself. They showed their true colors.

Last year, CNN commissioned a survey examining viewer trust and the places where CNN was succeeding and falling short with viewers across the ideological spectrum. According to a partial copy of the report, which hasn’t been revealed before, CNN’s coverage of Covid-19 was the third leading cause of distrust in the network behind liberal bias and “the Chris Cuomo situation.”

But so has the medical profession. There are reports that they got bonuses (for the hospital) if they made a COVID diagnosis, and another if a patient was put on a ventilator. And another if the person died with a positive COVID test.

Reportedly, THAT (use of a ventilator) was often done, and needlessly. And a percentage of people very predictably died because they were put on a vent. But there was A TON of “head shed” pressure to do so.

The docs just went along with what they were told. “Just following orders!”

And the docs didn’t rise up and say, “Hey, you know, this is a medically bad idea…” Because they valued their income–that was how they provided for their families and their made car payments and paid their mortgages, and paid for little Jane’s ballet lessons, and serviced $250,000 in student loan debt that could NOT be discharged with bankruptcy, etc. And administrators made it VERY clear that even a peep of disagreement would result in firing.

Yeah, it’s funny how, “What is good for me” quickly morphs into, “This is right and good.”

I know. I was there.The threats were also directed toward ME! So I quit and went elsewhere. But most people didn’t have that option. I’m very grateful that I did.

But in essence, providers failed this incredibly difficult test–the system did NOT allow for even a whiff of dissent and the MSM was totally “in the tank” for the Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps™. So I totally understand. They were put in a HUGE bind. I may well have also failed that test–I very much understand that. There but for the grace of God go I…

And schoolteachers–oh my Heavens! So you lose your job and the pension you have spent decades working for over this? There is NOT an easy answer to this!

But let’s be honest about what happened.


Well then,

let’s see it!

Comer revealed in an interview with Newsmax last Thursday that the document contains credible claims that Biden, while vice president, accepted a $5 million bribe from an “adversarial” country that is not China, Romania, or Ukraine, for which corrupt ties to the Biden family have already been uncovered. While declining to name the country, Comer commented wryly that “the most reputable country that I have found that the Biden family was taking money from is China, if that tells you anything.”


The high crime

in Chicago affects everyone there.

Piss-poor judgment Weirdos

Honestly, what

the crap is wrong with this guy? I mean, just a glance at him immediately tells you something is wrong with him!

And THIS is the guy who, in a fit of crappy judgment, Joe Biden chose to be over nuclear waste in the US! <shakes head in disbelief>

THIS is what you get when you vote Democrat!

Epic fail


absolutely true.

One should most certainly freely forgive the penitent. No matter how many time they TRY and fail. Yes, yes, that is the ideal.

But it’s quite another matter when someone has no real intent and then has the gall to tell you that you MUST forgive them! Yet in the same breath they say that they did nothing wrong that they need to repent of! And they will do it again if they can.

In short, they’re not repentant at all. This is all just a frantic ruse on their part meant to avoid the natural consequences of their actions.

Forgiveness is healing to the victim because it allows that victim to put down the burden of anger. And I totally agree; lust for revenge destroys anyone who harbors those feelings. YOU can’t handle vengeance, which is why God has said, “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay…” YOU cannot handle vengeance–leave that to God.

But what we are seeing now is not Leftists actually changing and apologizing. No, what we are seeing is a frantic scurry to avoid consequences. That is NOT repentance, there is no admission of guilt, and it is very obviously an utter travesty and avoidance for them to demand forgiveness from YOU.

Forgiveness is not a justification for bad actions. Few of us would not frankly forgive the penitent. But what we are seeing here is dishonest avoidance, not penitence at all! There IS no forgiveness without repentance. No, this “cheap grace” is merely an avoidance tool of the impenitent.

Oh, and I can forgive the burglar and yet still make sure to lock my door. AND serve in a jury!

Oster’s piece elicited well-deserved scorn from many on the right, including our own Joy Pullmann, who noted that a genuine amnesty “requires an admission of guilt and a commitment to repairing the wrongs done.” The absence of such an admission and commitment to change, says Pullmann, is “an indication that you’re going to do it again,” and makes it impossible to rebuild trust.

… In this context, arguing for forgiveness or amnesty is really just calling for a total lack of accountability for the people who did real lasting harm to the entire country. Just as amnesty requires admission of wrongdoing, so too does forgiveness require repentance. It also requires justice and accountability. But none of the very powerful people who made cruel and ruinous decisions during the pandemic have asked for forgiveness or even acknowledged their devastating failures. None of them have been held accountable. There has been no justice.

… There is zero reason to “forgive” those people, because they believe, to this day, that they were justified in their wrongdoing.

There IS no absolution of sin without heartfelt repentance.


The time is

not yet. But are we seeing the thin edge of the wedge?

I think that things are changing. Trump adolescently hammering DeSantis and Kayleigh McEnany has really put a lot of people off, and for good reason. Then he lauded Cuomo. Cuomo? I honestly don’t get it. To me, it smacked of dysregulation–him losing it.

Let me say again: I will happily vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I think he would be a raging bull if he were back in the White House, and I like that idea very much!

But in truth, I think DeSantis is a much better candidate. I think that he is at least as conservative (and likely more) and has FAR less baggage. He is at the perfect age, in many ways. And he has a record of being VERY effective.

To be honest, I wonder if Trump is showing some age-related dysregulation. Maybe I’m wrong…

I know the Trump boosters will have an apoplectic fit over me saying that, but let’s be a little clear-eyed, here!

Captain Obvious


ya think?

I’m pretty interested in Nancy Pelosi’s role…

It was a “sting” operation.