Democrat Flop-Sweat

Why yes,

yes he could. And wouldn’t that just be a darn shame?

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Oh yes, I would

very much like that! PLEASE!


Welcome to the

Biden Pleasure Dome

The personal consumption expenditure price index for services excluding housing and energy services—often called “super core” inflation—rose 0.6 percent in January. This inflation gauge rose this much in March of 2022, December of 2021, and in March of 2021.

Election Interference

Well, of course

they do! Because it IS!

A majority of voters believe Democrats are participating in “lawfare” against former President Donald Trump to compromise his chances in a future political race, a new Harvard Caps/Harris poll reveals.

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And THIS is

what Democrat flop-sweat looks like! If Joe Biden were competent and viable, these conversations would not even be thought of, let alone be taking place. All the pretty words in the world can’t conceal that fact!

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein suggested an open Democratic National Convention to replace Biden. New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait floated a counterproposal whereby Biden picks his successor with the help of various Democratic grandees if things don’t improve by summertime. 

Longtime Democratic operative James Carville got the ball rolling on this latest round of Biden doubt when he questioned the decision to forgo a Super Bowl interview.

The Democrat horses smell the fire, and are getting nervous and ready to bolt.

Trump has a 2-point lead over Biden in the RealClearPolitics polling average. This advantage grows when third-party candidates are factored in and gets bigger still in most of the battleground states that will actually decide the Electoral College majority.

Yes, it’s early. Yes, things can change. No, this is not the final word. But for Democrats it is very concerning. The likelihood of Biden making a big shift is, while very much possible, not as likely as Trump gaining even more steam…

“Keeping Biden makes sense if you think he’s running just a hair behind Trump,” Chait writes. “My read is that he’s in a dire spot, though not quite a hopeless one. It’s not quite a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency scenario, but if he sees no improvement within a few months, it will be.”

And even hardcore Democrats are starting to howl!

Democrats have a strategy: Make Trump look SO unpalatable that people hold their noses and vote “Biden.” And that strategy might indeed work. But it’s a dangerous one for Democrats, though they really don’t have much choice.

Change Morality

With the

dinosaur throw-back Mitch McConnell (eventually–unfortunately not today) leaving as well as the execrable Mitt Romney gone at the same time, it very much seems that the age of the RINO is over (or at least rapidly drawing to a close). I sure hope so!

Paul Ryan is long gone. Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel is pretty much gone, and as a result the GOP will finally be unleashed. Most of the new blood in the GOP does NOT lean to the swampy, RINO side of things.

But there is indeed some faint lightening light in the East, and we are all praying for the dawn. The long night of the Lefty/RINO Orc seems to be drawing to a close.

And yes, there is a battle between right and wrong, here. There is morality at stake. And evil never sleeps. The gap between parties has been ever-widening, and we are at a point where that gap can no longer be straddled.

But while the battle is raging and the gap between good and evil is ever widening, there is some reason for hope, and I personally believe that good will eventually overcome evil.

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She is going

to keep doing what she knows she is good at!

The former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee will not remain unemployed for long following her resignation, as Ronna McDaniel has been hired at the Democratic National Committee due to her extensive experience in defeating Republicans.

After building an impressive resume of keeping Republican candidates from being elected to office at nearly every level of government, McDaniel was quickly recruited by the DNC after announcing her upcoming resignation as head of the RNC.

“It’s an opportunity to keep doing what I do best,” McDaniel said. “I’ve developed proven strategies that get Democrats elected, and I have every intention of continuing to do that in my new position. If my uncle Mitt Romney taught me anything, it’s that with enough hard work and determination, you can make sure Democrats always remain in power. I believe the damage I’ve done to Republicans in 2020, 2022, and already in 2024 speaks for itself.”


Democrats, one

word for you: Tums.

A day after a poll showed former President Donald Trump taking back Michigan from President Joe Biden, a new survey just out has him beating the president in Wisconsin, giving him control of all seven key swing states.

According to the X site InteractivePolls, “Trump now leads Biden across all seven swing states.” They are Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

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Yes, yes

he does! Mr. McConnell, will you please go NOW?

For a few years, McConnell was a breath of fresh air in Republican congressional leadership, unrecognizable from the Mitch McConnell who had long been loathed by conservative activists. It was all too brief, however, and McConnell quickly returned to form when President LOLEightyonemillion got into office. 

… It’s also not helpful that McConnell intends to serve out his term. This country is plagued by United States senators hanging around for decades past their “sell-by” dates. Don’t any of these people have families they want to spend time with?


Here’s another thing

for Democrats to worry about!

And it’s only February…