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This “DeepFake”

is uncanny. Yeah, it’s Biden’s voice, but it is FAR too fluid to be a current Joe Biden. Maybe Joe Biden 15 years ago.

BUT, it shows you how convincing a “DeepFake” can be. The mouth movements are subtly off, but this is just the beginning…

As I have said, this destroys video evidence. We can make anyone say or do anything we want on video. The ONLY good evidence is through a witness. Their testimony is MORE reliable–though of course it depends on how reliable the person is! And we are back with evaluating aspects of the person informing us.

In other words, we are stuck in a Post-Modern world! Except there IS one way to cut through that Gordian Knot.

The only way to know something is to have an actual relationship with a certain type of person. You have to have a relationship with a Truth-Teller.

Captain Obvious

Yeah, pretty

much everyone has!

Just nobody can think of a single thing she’s done. She is the epitome of a post turtle:

An old Rancher is talking about politics with a young man from the city. He compares a politician to a “post turtle.” The young man doesn’t understand and asks him what a post turtle is.

The old man says, “When you’re driving down a country road and you see a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get up there by himself. He doesn’t belong there; you wonder who put him there; he can’t get anything done while he’s up there; and you just want to help the poor thing down.”

Current Events

Well, yes.

Look, he is a Leftist. But let’s give him credit when his thinking is good.

Current Events

Honestly, how

did you not see this coming?

Lefty Squalor

You must not

tell the truth, komrade!

Corruption Evil Clown

So just why

did Biden wait to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon?

I mean, the most prominent explanation that springs to mind is that he was being paid off to betray his country. Maybe not, but Biden sure had a lot of opportunities! And didn’t take them.

He could have done over the Aleutian Islands. Then he could have done it over the Idaho panhandle wilderness. Then he could have done it over the Montana wilderness. And even after that there TONS of sparsely-populated areas over which he could have shot it down with little risk!

Just why did he let it traverse the whole US before he took decisive action? This is an albatross hung around his neck!

Knowing Biden, you have to wonder if he got paid off, and THAT’s why he didn’t shoot it down immediately.

Maybe not, but there IS a creeping suspicion. With Biden you always gotta wonder a bit…

Evil Clown

Yeah, right.


Dishonesty Evil

Shocker, eh?

Biden’s lying again.

But this is NOT an inconsequential lie. And remember, you only know about it at all because some sharp-eyed guy in Montana saw it and talked! “Biden” was more than happy to have you know nothing about it.

Gee, I wonder what else “Biden” has hidden that we would be appalled at if we knew…

Immorality Treason

Yeah, so

it was no big deal, right?

The scope of this betrayal is truly staggering! MSM lackeys are trying to say that it is no big deal, but it sure is!

The thing was floating over Montana the other day. For those who’ve never been there, Montana isn’t one of our more populous states. I’m pretty sure that there was someplace it could have been brought down there without causing a lot of damage.

You should be angry!

There can be no doubt that Xi Jinping and his commie buddies are greatly amused by how all of this played out.

Look, I understand inconsequential evil and incompetence. But THIS affects us all! We can’t just “wink” at such corrupt villainy–not and remain a free country!


Current Events

Understand well

that this corruption, nay being a traitor, will never be punished! Never.

But let’s be honest, this was treason and a hostile incursion.

As it is, the government and corporate media are dropping like a hot potato any mention that the balloon we did finally shoot down may have spent three days loitering over Malmstrom AFB, which happens to house the majority of our Minuteman missiles. Among other things. Look at all the bases and such along the flight path of the balloon. Want to place a bet that if the data is not already being shared with Moscow, it soon will be?

… Dereliction of Duty is the politest term I can use for what has happened. This applies to our military and our civilian leadership. The alleged reason for trying to cover up the incursion is beyond belief in terms of competent, professional, and honest leadership. 

… That said, if the key people involved in this had been acting in the best interest of the United States of America, in full honor of the oath sworn to the Constitution and the Republic, this would not have happened. That it did happen makes it rather clear that one or more people in positions of power were not working for or in the best interest of the United States. If they are not working for us, then for whom are they working? The answer seems pretty clear to me. [emphasis added]