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People, haven’t

you just had enough?

Lawfare Lefty Political Strategy

I think we all

know it, don’t we?

Here’s the money quote: “I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And if his name was (sic) not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t (sic) running for President. I’m the former AG in New York. I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that’s what’s offensive to people. And it should be. Because if there’s anything left, it’s belief in the justice system.

See, the issue is that the Left has nothing else to run on. Their policies have been a freakin’ disaster. They have chronically bungled energy, the economy, and foreign policy. They have opened the Southern border, creating misery, death, and insecurity in millions.

The bottom line is that life in general (as you chow down on your $15 Happy Meal) is far worse under “Biden.” SO, the only option Democrats have are to further demonize and legally pester Donald Trump. It’s the only tools they have left in the toolbox, folks.

So they spool up hate, fear, and nuisance suits since they really have nothing else to run on. Sadly, many people will be fooled by this ruse…

Lefty Political Strategy

It’s good news.

But let’s not think for a moment that “DEI” (Didn’t Earn It) is actually done. It has just been renamed. It’s good and all, but it really is just a strategic retreat for this nonsense!

Still, it IS a retreat…


Yeah, because

they suck!

Let me say that they are great in certain conditions and for when certain performance variables are of the highest value. But heavens, you don’t want one in Minnesota!

Current Events Media Flying Monkeys MSM Toadies

You KNOW it’s

bad when the MSN toadies have to start telling the truth a little!

The most liberal-friendly media — MSNBC — is now openly revealing the unspoken truth: Biden’s campaign is in trouble after the massive fundraising numbers by the Trump campaign in the month of May. 


It’s really just hard

not to ascribe malevolent motives to both “Biden” and the nominees both! I mean, once could be a mistake. Twice, even. But we are seeing an established pattern, here!

What CAN you attribute it to other than outright malice?


It’s true, if

you subscribe to the Relativist (and it’s stylish kid brother, Post-Modernist) ideology, there are some things that you simply can’t (logically) do.

I don’t agree with such epistemology, but I also don’t wig out much about Relativism and/or Post-Modernism. But still, it would sure be nice if proponents of those views were just a little conceptually consistent. Because I would estimate that about 98% of people who claim to be Relativists/Post-Modernists actually are not. They want to have their conceptual cake and eat it, too. Uh, no.

In all relativism, there is no way to truly know anything. And if there simply IS no “solid” right or wrong, on what grounds can anyone object to anything?

And pair it with lack of moral agency as with the various forms of determinism and the concepts of right and wrong make even LESS sense—a person prospers according to his or her own genius and conquers according to his or her her own strength—and NOTHING they do could be construed as a “crime.” 

Unless there is some kind of “Truth-Teller,” the language of morality is totally bogus and bereft of ANY logical sense! Indeed, the ONLY way to invoke morality is to postulate some sort of god. Or God. Otherwise it is just Nietzschean preference—a mere display of power. 

Anything contrary to this is just mushy-headed defensiveness. Let’s be QUITE clear: To postulate right and wrong IS to postulate a unique God (not Pantheism).  If there is right and wrong and you can know things, there logically must be a God. That logic is air-tight!

Indeed, to know ANYTHING is, at heart, an appeal to traditional theism. Because if there is no God and everything is just random crap or a demonstration of a mere will-to-power, then NOTHING can be known, anyway! So no science…

THAT is why Galileo and Newton and such were overt and unapologetic theists. THAT was an integral and logically necessary part of the scientific endeavor itself! That is also why science only evolved in Christian Europe, and not in the more practically advanced China…


I think I speak

for everyone when I express relief that they are finally righting the ship. This should have been done years ago!

In a move intended to show its ongoing commitment to diversity and righting any wrongs of the past, The Walt Disney Company announced it had posthumously fired Walt Disney for being a white male.

But now that justice has been done, we all can finally sleep at night.

Yes, it’s satire. Or is it?

Injustice Truth

Sometimes even

a big-time partisan speaks the truth! Well, as long as they are not running for something…


Chuck Schumer:

“But I can relate to the ‘little people!'”